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Mobile Fields

Progressive web apps are growing in usage. This growth is something with controversy as even with the power of progressive web apps there comes a…

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Safari Date Gotcha

As programmers we often get “sloppy” with our code. An extremely classic example is dates. Often we present dates like yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss:ms, such as 2019-03-21…

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Store/Model Gotcha

The other day I accidentally ran into a “gotcha” that I quickly realized any one of us might have current production code that has eliminated…

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Hybrid Apps with Sencha – Part 3

The first two parts in this series developed a life of their own. They remained out of focus with the subject of this series. Out…

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Ext JS Gotcha’s

Sencha Ext JS is a great framework though like every other technology out there you will encounter gotcha’s leaving you searching for hours only to…

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