Time For Change

Where the heck is life going?

How many times we’ve asked ourselves these questions only to find there are various answers for some, no answers for others and the rare case someone actually has an answer to this question. This question is really no different than asking yourself where you want to be in five years.

Reality check  needs to happen on so many levels. Before reality can ever really hit  you in the face; you have to be willing to come to terms with life itself.

One term is life is not the same for everyone. Period. No matter where you live, life just 35 miles away brings different concerns, different obstacles and different needs. Heck just next door their needs are different than yours. It is a simple fact people have forgotten to accept with life.

My income is different than each of my neighbors. One works as a manager for one of the area smoke shops. One is retired due to physical problems with knees, another works in a factory, one is a plumber while I am a programmer. Each of us have different wants and needs. Each of us is going through a different story.

Thinking about this, then how did we ever come up with today’s “ME” society? How did we ever allow ourselves to raise our children to think first and foremost of themselves. We as people are not designed to not think in terms of life from a larger picture. It really is not difficult to think when I want something how my getting what I want will impact others.

Sure at the onset it seems like a ton of thinking to do, but really narrow down what you want and need in life. Separate the difference between a want and a need and then start thinking about what you truly want in life.

People think they want a car, house, toys, time off, money and everything else to “do” things with their lives. What of those are actually needs compared to wants. Ask yourself, why do you need a $500,000 house when in reality a $125,000 house will provide. The larger, more impressive house is a want; it is NOT a need. Both provide what you need, shelter from the weather and a place to sleep.

This is what is happening here today in society. Suddenly what they need where they live has become to them what everyone needs. NO this is not the case and NEVER will be the case.

Now mix in so many things being determined in the court of public opinion; now you have the turmoil we all face daily. People scared to say anything, write anything or even mention anything to others. Why, because today people have been fired,  their lives destroyed simply because they were having fun. But it wasn’t fun as society deemed fun.

Take Kapernik, someone few will talk about rationally anymore. He went to his knee during the national anthem to bring awareness to a cause he believed in. Society condemned him, destroyed his life; in reality was because of the vocal few and not the many and people who themselves were a majority in having not served in the armed forces.

How about the woman who had her picture taken in front of a sign stating “Quiet”; having her  mouth open as if she was yelling; all the while being QUIET… It was a contradiction ONLY; it WAS NOT yelling. It was a picture, a still, no motion, no sound yet society condemned her to a point she was fired and had to move. People do that all the time take a picture in front of a sign doing the opposite of what it says as a pose and not an actual act.

Time and time again this happens. But reality it should NEVER happen.

YOU cannot decide if my actions was done out of disrespect or not. You cannot possibly understand my intent of my action or my meaning of my action. I intend what I mean with my action and if I want to do something out of disrespect, trust me you will not ever doubt I was being disrespectful. I will be disrespectful with intent for I want the person to know I don’t respect them, their action or their choice and I do not want them questioning my meaning. If they question my meaning then I’ve done/said something wrong and need to become more clear.

So I’ve struggled a long time with this blog and what to write. I’ve started and stopped. I wrote about technology, became an MVP of a fine product and all of this meant nothing. It gained me nothing, people don’t like me more, people don’t read me more; heck I write and hope someone eventually finds it.

So I’ve finally concluded. It is not me you will read, it is your emotion to what I write you will read and unless I write something you can use to destroy my life you won’t do a thing.

So from today forward I write. You can conclude what you want or you can read and understand it is opinion to share with others. Sharing of opinion is how we change life, it is how we grow, it is how we fix everything wrong in our current society.


Author: aallord

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