Time is constantly moving, it is one thing no one can truly ever get back. Once gone, it will not return and still time is something we think about so rarely in connection with things we do, unless we think about time we don’t have to do something we want.

I’ve always loved relationships where both people would say “I need a girl’s night out”; or “I need a boy’s night out”… Really?

You spend approximately 8 hours of your day working, another 8 hours of your day sleeping. Now deduct for travel time, trips to the store and other things needing to be done on that remaining 8 hours of your day.

Now what you’re really saying is roughly 7 hours is enough time withe someone you chose to spend your life with. The person you wanted so “share” your life with is actually enough time with each other. You say you wanted to share your life with that person; well all but your boy’s or girl’s night out.

So what is it you do on your boy’s or girl’s night out you don’t want to share with the one you choose to share your life with?

Why wouldn’t you want to change your boy’s or girl’s night out to include the one you chose to spend and share your life with? Are your girlfriends or boyfriends not going to be accepting of the one you chose? Really, I know I didn’t choose who I share my life with based on if my friend liked them or not. Sorry buddy, you’re not the one sharing and spending your life with her; you don’t have one single thing to add to the choice of who I do. As a matter of fact, if you cannot accept my choice then you aren’t much of a friend to begin with.

In a world of problems and distractions couples find it acceptable to reduce the amount of time they spend with the one person they choose to spend the lives with because they want to “spend less time with them”… Yes, if you do this you’re really saying you want to spend less time with the person you choose to share your life with.

Keep the deep saturated philosophy out of this equation. That is reaching for a means to explain why you are reducing time; it truly has nothing to do with “needing time away”… If you need time away, then maybe you should think about¬† your choice before committing to sharing your life with someone.

People, we find someone who we connect with, relate to and enjoy spending time with. Does this mean things don’t get tough from time to time. HELL NO. Things do get tough from time to time, they can even get overwhelming, to a point we all feel like running away, hiding and never facing the world again. But you know what, I choose to share my life with my wife and this means I want to share these times with her to. If she is going through it I want her to share it with me. No matter how tough it is, no matter what the situation is. It is what I signed up for.

I don’t care if we are just sitting in the same room, not talking, watching a movie, football or anything else. She is there with me, sharing it with me and there is nothing more comforting than to know someone is there not matter what. That you are the one they want to spend time with. They want to find ways to spend more time with you and not less.

You see time goes by and can never be gotten back. Whether you enjoy all the time you can with your partner or not; in the end it doesn’t matter whether you have a large or small family, close or distant relationship with that family. In the end as time goes by all you will ever have is the one you choose to share your life with. The day comes when there is just the two of us; and that is what life is about. I know I spend all my time with her, but I want to and yes I find ways to get more time with her; including going shopping just to be with her.

Now think about your life, your reasons, your logic in wanting your boy’s or girl’s night out.¬† Tell me truly, in the end who is more content and happy with their lives? But when you tell me, remember “happy” is relative and only we can decide if we are truly happy so you can argue all you want you would be more happy and I could argue all I want I am more happy…

In the end we will both see when there is only two and we cannot go back and get the time we miss….


Author: aallord

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