Okay I personally am sick of reports on impeachment of President Trump. Sick of the divide in congress, sick of opinion and sometimes outright lies on both sides of the isle.

Let’s first get one thing straight… NO sitting President has EVER been IMPEACHED!!!! NONE, ZERO, NADA and any other way you can think of making the statement of NEVER.

There are two steps of impeachment. The first starts in the House of Representatives whereby they determine and write the articles of impeachment. They pass the articles of impeachment by simple majority. This process is not unlike a grand jury deciding is charges should be filed on someone for some potential crime. But like the grand jury process, this is then passed to a trial. With impeachment it goes to the senate for trial. The senate holds a trial where it takes 2/3 of the vote to convict and impeach a sitting president.

Articles of impeachment have been passed in 4 cases throughout history. Andrew Johnson in 1868 who was the closest to being impeached having been found lacking only 1 vote to convict and remove a sitting president. But that didn’t happen then either.

Next up, Nixon, who actually resigned before the house could even pass the articles of impeachment. No impeachment here either. This was back in 1974.

Next up Clinton. Articles of impeachment we passed in the house back in 1998. The senate didn’t complete the impeachment as they were unable to gain 2/3 of the vote.

This brings us to Trump. Articles are still not passed. They have as many holes as wiffleball. How can the house determine “quid-pro-quo” on something the Ukrane president stated he didn’t feel this was the case. How can  you call it election meddling when a sitting president asks a country to investigate potential wrong doing of a sitting vice-president. You can conclude it was to “interfere in the election” or you can get in back of the situation and say I do want the truth of what happened then.

Now let’s look at the definition of “quid pro quo” which means “a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something”… Hmm… Your job is quid pro quo, you go to the store and purchase something and that is quid pro quo. Ask someone for any favor and that is quid pro quo. Everything is quid pro quo by definition.

Even if you do something for someone, out of the blue, they didn’t ask for, you still did it wanting to be left alone, for them to just take your gift and say nothing. Receiving nothing is still quid pro quo because even though you didn’t get anything someone else did.

Follow the news people. Please use more than one source and DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use either a republican or democrat to give you your news. They are biased and want control of the government, they don’t give a SHIT about you. If you cannot see that over the course of the last 100 years you have not been paying attention.

All of this garbage has been going on forever in our government. Trump is the one they choose to chase with it. Why because they don’t like what he is going as it goes against what they are doing.

What did you expect when someone runs for president stating they are going to “drain the swamp”… He is draining the swamp and for doing so opposition will do everything they can to remove him from office.

But you aren’t asking the Obama administration be investigated due to spying on Trump’s campaign and Carter Page. You are asking why something wasn’t done to Obama or the FBI for how this whole situation was handled. Hell no, you are complaining because Trump moved to find out more about Biden and claim he is trying to interfere in the election.

You’re not complaining about how the democratic party rigged the primary. Hell you aren’t even smart enough to know the articles of the democratic party state they don’t even have to hold a primary, they don’t have to condone or follow the results of the primary; ergo you and your vote don’t mean SHIT should the party decide they want something else.

What a joke of a society we live in. People can no longer discuss issues, they shove their opinion down everyone’s throat. An opinion built on candidates who want nothing more than to control your life.



Author: aallord

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