“We’re Not Coming For Guns”

Here we go. Another case of people not listening to what is happening in our country.

“Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson say they want to make mass shootings less likely in the state by banning the sale of high-capacity gun magazines and assault weapons.” (Tri-City Herald)

Keyword in the above is “banning”. Really folks how many believe banning anything will stop criminals from obtaining said banned item? Something in your thought process tells you because it is illegal people won’t do it? How has that worked for speeding, stealing, murder and every other crime out there being committed today? Surely in the Tri-Cities you can see how crime has gone down and there are no shootings, murders, shoplifting, speeders or anything else deemed illegal. You have to be a fool to believe banning a gun will stop mass shootings or other gun related crimes.

The article goes on to say:

“The Democrats on Thursday announced plans for legislation that would limit magazine capacities to 10 rounds and that would ban the sale of assault weapons, defined as semi-automatic weapons that have at least one military-style feature.” (Tri-City Herald)

Now please inform me what is “on military-style feature”? Someone please define that. A military style feature could be it shoots. Far too narrow to even consider it reasonably thought through. Thought through by people who should be more educated than what they are currently showing.

Already the gun control legislation in Washington state isn’t enough for, as the Tri-City Herald points out; DEMOCRATS! Wasn’t it democrats who said “we’re not coming for your guns”? Isn’t a BAN, taking my gun?

The problem isn’t I don’t get it. I do get it. The problem is people believing they can infringe on the constitution is the problem. People believing making something illegal makes them safe are the problem.

Mass shootings are a much bigger problem than guns. Bigger than sick people without understanding what it making them feel taking life is the answer to anything. That is the problem, no one wants to know how life became so devalued people simply decide for whatever reason if I kill a lot of people my life just improved and became better.

How about:

“The attorney general is also seeking legislation that would require background checks for ammunition sales” (Tri-City Herald)

Up goes the price of ammo for those who are legal, follow the law and are good upstanding citizens. But who cares? Not the democrats of Seattle who believe the answer it to take my rights away.

As more rights are taken and more exceptions are given to police and other people these shootings will only increase. Already any picture you see out there of police arresting someone, they are armed and equipped like they are the military. Hell I don’t feel comfortable being pulled over today, and I am a law abiding citizen.

How about the high school kid who stole something and was confronted by three police officers pointing AR-15 weapons at him, shouting directions for him to follow and being covered in body armor. Do you really want your children living in this society? How many more have to die because they are confronted by police armed like this, guns pointed at them. Have you ever had a gun pointed at your head? Surely with three AR-15’s pointed at your head you will be calm cool and collected to respond as directed. NOT.

This country was founded on a war because citizens felt the government was taking too much from them. Keep going government and this old law abiding veteran will live to see an overthrow of the government.

Government that thinks they can keep taking rights away from citizens, ignore the constitution and heard us like animals while arming law enforcement to the point it feels like a military state will only lead where no one I know wants it to lead.

Citizens, our power is in the masses, not the government. You want change, improvement in the quality of life and your future. Vote, that is our powers. But you have to be willing to vote anyone NOT Democrat or Republican. It is the only way things can change.

And just for the weak at heart. NO this does not mean TRUMP. I don’t like TRUMP and never have. Neither TRUMP nor CLINTON received my vote because I know our only hope and answer is someone who is NOT affiliated with any political party. As a matter of fact it is best to put someone in every elected office having NOT ONE OUNCE of political experience but has a TON of experience living on what we face in our day to day lives. They are the only ones who will get what the masses need.


Author: aallord

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