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Everyone and their brother/sister must know by now Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state has a single track mind. From headlines you might assume it is “climate change”; after all he wants to believe he was the candidate who made climate change an issue in the 2020 primaries. But is the focus really climate change or just increasing the state budget to a point Washington can no longer afford it?

He does have democrats in charge at the state level and they too are concerned about raising the state debt to a point we can no longer afford it.

Then you have situations where people within the state cannot agree on what is highest priority.

On the one hand you have Governor Inslee and the Capital Press headline “Inslee: Let’s get more ambitious about climate change”. Imagine that, Governor Inslee opens his mouth once again it is about climate change. Although I will give him credit for a couple times recently about other topics.. Well at least long enough to ban flavored vapes and then to talk about banning guns. Hmm… Something he now feels is his right, ban things he doesn’t like in the state without regard to what the constitution of the United States says. But we shouldn’t be surprised considering Washington was deemed by Inslee as a sanctuary state, we already know he doesn’t care about the constitution of the United States, nor the constitution of Washington for that matter.

But in the article “Inslee: Let’s get more ambitious about climate change” he does state

By 2050, the state’s carbon output should be 5% of what it was in 1990″

Wow, in a state that has increased it’s carbon footprint even with all the things Inslee has done to improve climate change; amazing anyone can consider that even close to a possibility without a massive amount of state dollars the state doesn’t have.

Then you have “Sue Lani Madsen: Focus on climate comes at cost of ensuring seismic safety in schools”

“Inslee’s big reveal was a proposed $273 million in spending on programs to potentially impact climate change this century. His supplemental budget request for protecting children and teachers in seismically unsafe schools is $10 million. And that’s only 40% of what Chris Reykdal, state superintendent of public instruction, requested in his letter to the governor.”

Okay, so Inslee says our biggest concern is climate change, Ms. Madsen says our biggest concern is with seismic activity and schools that aren’t engineered good enough to withstand an earthquake.

So which one is the priority problem? I surely don’t have a clue. But I do know when assigning priority you can only assign one item top priority.

Every argument about doing anything whether it be climate change or even funding updating schools to meet seismic requirements it comes down to them talking about economy, what the impact will be in different sectors. I’ve never understood this logic.

We’ve made mistakes people. We continue to make mistakes. Such as plastic consumption. This started when it was considered “economically” beneficial to manufacturers to use plastic for packaging. Yet plastic is destroying the environment. But we don’t stop using plastic because it would have a financial impact on business. Never do they discuss in terms of impact on human life.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick of people being concerned about business. Fixing our nations issues, our environmental issues is going to be PAINFUL to business and consumers. It will be the cost of fixing the problem we created to save corporations money in packaging. But shit now, people complain they want to open that plastic bottle because they are INCAPABLE of talking about how just a few 40 years ago I could walk into my kitchen, fill a glass from the faucet, getting a good, safe tasty drink of water. Today I cannot and you bitch about wanting to be able to open  you damn plastic bottle.

Our elected official push protecting business over cleaning up the environment. Hell Inslee  you stop global warming while people drink poison. While there is toxic waste not being cleaned up fast enough at Hanford. While our environment continues to deteriorate. But hey, people won’t burn to death from warming, they can die drinking substandard water dealing with the impact of waste that is still going to pollute the air we breath.

But according to others we can forget climate change and concentrate on seismic activity that may or may not happen in 75 years. Christ why wasn’t the state smart enough to consider this when creating the laws those buildings were constructed under?

People of Washington, get your heads out of your butts. We have major issues in this nation and we need to address them without thinking about business and economy. Your plastic bottle water is NOT that important, hell it is not important at all.

Corporations won’t do anything, we need to do something. Stop buying things in plastic. Corporations will change, people will change. But change is NOT up to Inslee and our elected officials, nor people complaining about seismic concerns, It is UP TO US, after all the masses will control what business does. Stop spending for once and find out how quick a business changes, closes the doors and something better opens up and comes along.



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