Another Expert Bias

By now you should realize 95% of anything mainstream or close to mainstream is outright biased and bogus garbage. Written only to incite more division while they attempt to promote unity. Well the do promote unity behind their candidate and if you only drink their kool aid…


Talk about very misleading. Expect it since it is the Heritage Foundation, one that has been biased Republican since inception.

The main point needing to be considered here is primaries do not matter at all this election. Both parties rigged it for the candidate of their choice. Democrats refused to allow anyone else on a primary ballot and media cut down everyone except Trump to the point they didn’t have the chance.

As for the general election, be assured there is NO OFFICIALLY DECLARED candidate of choice for either Democrats or Republicans. The actual candidate will not be official until they have their respective conventions whereby they elect their candidate for 2024.

Running these kinds of articles are completely pointless at this stage of the election process. Clearly they would rather publish this garbage than actually informing you of all candidates running for the office of president. This way they can keep pushing on you those they choose to give you as options to vote for.

I am sick of this type of reporting they call news. I am sick of democrats and republicans drowning out other candidates so you have only two choices.

Only having two choices is what they give you on every local, state and federal election. You have been tricked into thinking either of these two parties give one ounce about what your life is like. If they did, they would fix it and if you knew of more candidates you would stop voting these morons in over and over while expecting different results. But to make this change will take you waking up to what they are doing.