Button Menu Positioning

Correct positioning of a button menu can often be complex to understand. Leaving menu position to default values of The alignment method is not fully explained even though we can assume tl = top left, bl = bottom left and the ? is a function to determine space and then open it either on the […]

Forgotten Pasts

Finding time to write is not quite as easy as we think. Life can get busy, there are things you are responsible for, family and often simply needing down time. Thoughts need to be shared more freely while putting down the division. The fundamental principle of democracy, for all its problems and issues, is to […]

Supreme Court Presidential Immunity Ruling

Today we saw the Supreme Court give a ruling on presidential immunity. Well if you can call it ruling. It was more like repeating what everyone already knew, the president does have some immunity against criminal charges when acting within their official capacity. This isn’t a ruling at all and the case was pushed back […]