Sencha Releases Ext JS Community Edition

Sencha over the years has had an up and down following. The rollercoaster ride seems to be leveling out for many. Sencha is making some major improvements while doing what they feel will once again put the product back on track of a growing community. They made this clear releasing Ext JS CE (Community Edition). This release has a very simple licensing model. Use it free under a full commercial license until you are making $10,000 per year.

Some will feel this isn’t enough, pushing for Sencha to return to the full open source model they started with. I myself do not agree with the full open source model for Ext JS. Open source works great for many products but it didn’t work out well for Ext JS. Open source was also the downfall of Ext JS during the span of the original developer. At one time they added a license because someone working with them on the product took the source code and proceeded to create a competitor.

Community editions an outstanding solution to many open source products, including MySQL which has a paid support model and the community edition. Microsoft even followed the community edition model with several of their developer products.

Ext JS lost following with the release of version 5 and inception of the minimum 5 pack license. Years later when doing Ext JS searches there are some ranking high that lambasted Sencha for doing this. These results have some very negative connotations towards Sencha with some even calling the product dead because of this choice.

I myself am extremely pleased and excited with changes Sencha has been making the past year. they are working to regain followers, improving the product while gaining a larger following. I can only find increased hope and excitement for the future of Sencha Ext JS becoming extremely viable as a solution to many industries.


Author: aallord

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