Sad State of Apple

Sad State of Apple

Apple seems to be pushing into a state of irrelevant. This has been my experience of late with a company I’ve always felt would lead the way. 

Though Apple has never been “inventors” of great technology, they have been “innovative” in implementing technology before the PC world would think about implementation. This is what always set Apple apart from the PC world. 

Today however Apple has successfully revised my thoughts. It has taken all of eight years to make this happen. 

How did this happen? It is kind of a long story but since Steve Jobs passed away 5 October 2011, Apple has pretty much regurgitated the same old technology. Revised software to a point it has problems running development software. Apple care has become a joke. 

I arrived here after purchasing a new iMac. This iMac was the first i5 processor I’ve owned. Typical for me is to immediately upgrade to an i7. But hey I’ve seen prices and frankly with this purchase I couldn’t justify the increase in price. At the time I ordered my iMac, I also ordered 32gig of RAM from Other World Computing. Reason, because Apple just wants too much money for the RAM. I then immediately paid an authorized Apple repair center $300+ to install that $300+ cost of RAM. 

I updated to Mac OS 10.14 as it came with Mac OS 10.13. Suddenly the machine was running into issues with File Vault. Decryption wast taking forever. Because I didn’t turn on File Vault it was a call to Apple support. The answer became my doing a complete clean install of Mac OS 10.14. This helped for a short time.

I lived with it, but as time moved forward it began slowing down again. I research and found Apple was having issues with drives being slow on Mac OS 10.14. So I did the Apple thing and waited until Mac OS 10.15 was available. Reports indicated this update would fix the issues with 10.14. Wrong. 

Another call to Apple Care Support. Nothing found in diagnostics. Everything was tried to no results. Schedule to take in the iMac to an Apple authorized repair center. They immediately inform us, if they “deem it to be software” then we will have to pay the bill. Keep in mind this is the same place I took it to and paid $300+ to install RAM, so I’m thinking somewhere around $400+ to “deem it to be software”. I spend 2 1/2 days getting things done over, clean install of everything. Soon afterwards the iMac slows down doing simple things such as browsing Finder. Yes, some “software” could be causing the issue, but what software? I install only the software I need for development. Nothing more and it is slow. So what development tool is it, and which one does Apple feel I can live without. 

So Apple simply now blames “software”, doesn’t support it, then tells you to “live without” your software because it causes an issue? This isn’t an acceptable answer. All software is 64 bit, all are Apple certified software and still these kinds of issues and I am supposed to pay Apple $2000 for an iMac they tell me to not use software I need. 

Innovation from Apple is dead. Really we are at iPhone 11 and the best they can come up with is an improved processor and three camera lenses? That is “innovation”. The iPad latest release was to re-introduce the iPad Air but this time calling it the “Pro”. I have one, not impressed from my iPad 10.5″ to this iPad Air Pro. Frankly kind of a joke. 

The release of Mac OS 10.15 is taking security to a level the machine is becoming annoying and unusable. Everything is asking permissions for something, everything wants to give notifications and you have to authorize each and every step. 

Don’t get me going on iCloud. I bought the 2 Terabyte plan. Guess what, when I attempt building an Ext JS application, iCloud is deleting files I need to run the application because iCloud isn’t allowing it. So what was the point. I bought iCloud because believe it or not my Time Machine backup on my Time Capsule FAILED. The iMac wouldn’t even start after restoring from it. 

So how can Apple continue to feel they are doing things right? Frankly I don’t know. But for the headaches I’ve had from this iMac, days lost reinstalling, getting no acceptable help from Apple Care, authorized repair centers charging hundreds for repairs and even to simply look at a problem that is COVERED by Apple Care; well Apple I can put up with these kinds of problems from Windows and the PC world. And you guessed it, I’ve solved the iMac issue by ordering a PC today. 

Enough of this pay for what I am no longer getting. You had “innovation” and “value” at one time Apple; unfortunately now you’re too concerned about shoving at us the same old thing with minor improvements, operating systems that are taking more from us and making all devices more unstable and even to the point they don’t play well together anymore. Well with that result, everyone will soon start deciding we can pay less and get the same results. 

Author: aallord

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