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Sencha Backwards

I’m a Sencha MVP and we’re tasked to write blog posts about Sencha and Ext JS. I work and attempt to write more often but life can get in the way sometimes. No, I’m not making excuses; sometimes things just are.

Today I’m writing my first “negative” about Sencha and Sencha Architect. 

I contacted someone at Sencha months ago issuing the statement people would start encountering problems with their products and Oracle’s change to require licensing on Java. The response was “Sencha has a JRE embedded” and it shouldn’t cause a problem. This was even after they appeared to discuss the potential issue internally. 

Surprise, the discussion must have focused on Sencha Ext JS because it clearly didn’t discuss Sencha Architect.

Sencha Architect required a Java virtual machine to install. Without it the program will only bark at you stating you have to have at least Java virtual machine 1.6. Hmm.. At least “Java virtual machine 1.6”. First this will require you to have a license for Java if you develop commercially for a corporation. Second, don’t go to far forward because I have verified Sencha Architect will NOT install with either Java 13 or Java 11. I reverted back to Java 8 in order to get Sencha Architect to install. 

Yet, they have not fixed this problem yet. Java 8 is no longer supported, Oracle has moved on but Sencha seems resistant to moving on. 

I understand changes take time. But licensing is a major issue when you pay thousands for Sencha products, are required in most cases to purchase 5 license minimums and then still have to now purchase Java, cannot purchase the latest and consider yourself good to go. This has to change Sencha and it cannot wait any longer.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love the product and still use the product. But I’m willing to use outdated software to keep using the product. How many out there are not willing to do this? How many clients can we all lose because of this? How many consider using Sencha only to find they have to regress their Java in order to use it? Are you asking yourself these questions Sencha? 

Yes, this post is on the heels of spending 2 1/2 days redoing an iMac (read yesterday’s post); but I still would like to use updated Java on my machines. I enjoy using the latest things as they are more robust and more secure. Though I choose to use regression of Java to use Ext JS; even I don’t know how much longer I’m willing to make that trade-off.

Author: aallord

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