A New Year

I’ve not written like I should, then again since March of 2020 for all of us life has been a bit different. No, I’m not going it mask, no mask, lock down, no lock down debates in this whole situation. If you’re looking for those kinds of conversations, feel free to look elsewhere.

However I’ve been doing a bit of thinking, a kind of soul searching one might say. I’ve spent a career playing the game of life, actually three different careers throughout my lifetime; I’ve grown tired of them.

More, I’ve grown tired of people and even changes in the corporate world. We’ve become a society whereby everyone thinks when someone says something this reflects on the company I’m working for. So time to set the record straight.

I am not a Sencha MVP because of Sencha or their parent company and how they choose to do business. I don’t believe corporations are people; people work at corporations. Corporations are paper, they can’t have a political value, a societal opinion or leaning. People working for the company can, but not a company.

I am a Sencha MVP because I like the product, I believe in the product and I feel I can help reduce the learning curve to help others see the benefit they can gain in implementing Sencha Ext in their projects. I am a Sencha MVP because of the people behind it and how they support my questions and learning. Sure there are some things I feel Sencha does wrong, but refer to why think things are going right.

Today the world has become do what I say or we will completely destroy you simply because you have an opinion I don’t agree with.

Take a look at Parler. Completely taken down in 24 hours, no website, not mobile apps. Amazon, Apple and Google wiped them out. Why, because a group claiming to wanting to wipe out conservatives fed them an unproven rumor, that January 6th was planned on Parler. No proof, nothing. Just gone.

President Trump had social networks completely locked out. Why, they said he “caused”, “incited”, even planned the “coup” to take over the government. And silence was given.

First, President Trump holds some “responsibility” for what happened on January 6th. During his speech he has to do what all of do, gauge our audience and adjust accordingly. Still the FACT is he DID NOT “incite” or “cause” the Capital break-in.

This post may cost me professionally. But I’m no longer going to be quiet. My views are my views. They do not tell you who I am professionally, my view doesn’t tell you who I am personally. It gives you my perspective. It is not representative of any employer or any association I have such as Sencha MVP. They are different and actions are accordingly different.

Face it, Sencha doesn’t have me post my opinion to support them as an MVP. They have me post articles about Sencha products and how to use them. My opinions on society and government are not discussed when I write on these topics, it is not the place or even related to a post using Sencha CMD.

Employers don’t ask me for my political opinion or opinion on society. They ask me to take a project from start to finish. When I do this the product contains my code logic, not my opinion. The UI contains what you need to in order to use the product for your end goal. The UI doesn’t consist of opinion on politics or society, it contains words telling you what information you are looking at and words to help you through the next step.

Software and blog posts deal with subjects and goals. Not opinion. So why have we created a society that feels your opinion has any reflection at all on the company you work for or represent?

How can some feel it is okay to completely destroy a company on an accusation? How have people lost the entire concept we have in this country, innocent until proven guilty? Due process? and other things protected by laws and the constitution.

So I’ve decided to write more. Some will be focused on programming, others will be focused on my views of society, some on how technology companies operate, some on the economy of tech companies, etc. If you don’t want to read one, filter to the category you want to read.

Remember, I am a person. I do have opinions and these opinions do not and will not cross to companies I represent. The companies I deal with don’t have political opinions or society. They do focus on business direction, increasing sales and improving the products they offer. The strive for the best products on the market. When you hear and use these products you don’t get opinions of those working or running the company, you get a quality product.

Finally keep in mind. Business used to be where a customer decided to do business with a company because first they liked the product. They stayed because the product improved. The longer they stayed the closer the relations became between customers and the customer representative. Even through all this personal means of building trust relationships with companies, rarely when dealing with them were politics or opinions shared; it has nothing to do with business.. Those were left for friends. So please stop judging corporations based on people’s opinions. Know those with opinions different than yours have nothing but YOU in mind as they work to develop products you want to use for decades.


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