I Don’t Care

I don’t care who sits in the white house. I care we have seen enough speculation there was voter fraud, there were illegal decisions made by election officials outside of what was only allowed be changed by a state legislature. Enough we need to know FACTS on what really happened.

Facts, not to change who is sitting in the white house. Facts to close those issues so they can NEVER happen again.

First and foremost I am a veteran of the United States Army. I took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America. For my oath I risked my life because I believe in the constitution. I did NOT serve this nation for a flag, a government or any individual. I did NOT serve this nation because I agree with everything. I agree with the constitution.

Is the constitution perfect, is is truly applied equally across all people in this nation; NO. But I defended your right of free speech. I didn’t defend your right because I agree with your words or opinion; I fought because I believe everyone has the right of free speech regardless if I agree with what is being said or not.

I do not agree with burning flags, but the Supreme Court of the United States of America protected burning the flag as an expression of free speech. I will defend that even though I do NOT agree with it.

These are the simple truths people forget.

When I say I want facts on election fraud, I’m not saying overturn anything. I am saying if it happened in fact in this election we have to know so we can PREVENT it from happening again. Why am I wrong for believing in this? Why do so many people turn the argument into something it isn’t. It is NOT about who is in the white house today. It is NOT about Trump, it is NOT about Biden, it is NOT about democrats, it is NOT about republicans. It is about MY RIGHT to a fair and free election of U.S. Citizens of LEGAL voting age, voting in their LEGAL district to cast their vote.

This is defending our constitution and laws of the United States, nothing more, nothing less. Every American should be screaming for an evidentiary hearing on any fraud case out there. Regardless who you voted for. PERIOD. You don’t but you say you support your troops. Why do you give away our RIGHTS while saying you support our troops. Is it not our rights they are defending? Yet you spit on them when you look the other way while claiming to support them.

Am I perfect. No. I know it, you know it. But I do know I am fair and just. Election fraud has been shown to happen and we haven’t even requested an investigation into this fraud. We use it to call other people names and ignore it. And here we are today.

This isn’t rocket science people. Get along, expect answers and hold your elected officials accountable to you, our constitution and our laws. After all your elected officials in this nation are supposed to be working for you. Clearly today this is not the case.

Don’t call me a Trump fan, a republican or anything else for that matter. I am NOT part of a political party. Never have been and never plan on being one. I am not conservative, liberal, right or left. I am a veteran, a citizen of the United States of America trying to build a life and improve society and life for my children. The same thing you are. The exact same goals and dreams you have. Yet we label each other to create a dividing line and then preach how we will stop racism? Hippocrates.

Wisconsin did have invalid votes, Wisconsin did change a ruling on being classified as permanent at home to include COVID. A court ruled this was unconstitutional. 215,000 votes in Wisconsin would have to be individually reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if the vote was even a valid vote. This is just one case.

Others were not heard on the grounds they were either brought to late or they the court ruled they couldn’t overturn an election. They were NOT ruled as having no grounds to bring the cases to court. They had grounds, they had evidence but our legal system does say cases have to be brought before the court based on timing. Cases also have to have a winnable aspect; of which there is no law I am aware of that a court can overrule the results of an election. But instead people ran out screaming there is no proof and our media gladly fed that frenzy.

This is why I don’t care who is in the white house. I do however care we investigate this and STOP it from ever happening again.


Author: aallord

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