Been A Long Time


Life gets in the way. There couldn’t be a more true, vague and realistic statement in life. Life did and does get in the way, vague because not everyone can or will share how life got in the way. Realistic because so many things unexpected have happened since my last post. 

No matter how life gets in the way eventually things go back to either normal or a new normal. For myself, it is a new normal as I am sure it has been for a majority since COVID came into our lives and all the dramatic changes we’ve lived through; up to and including government. 

I’ve started a new means to keep myself more focused on posting here. I decided to bring to life three passions of mine. One of those passions is my career as a programmer. The other two passions of mine are hobbies. One in photography and the other in genealogy. But hey, no one ever said I was a “typical” person or programmer. I surely have never seen myself other than normal, it is all those who see them selves as normal that would be considered the abnormal to me. And abnormal is okay, just different than my normal. 

These three passions will take the shape of a genealogy program that breaks the mold we’ve accepted for far too many years. Genealogy programs that have means to enter information but no means to help educate novice genealogists of the pits and turns encountered while doing research. The best example here is in my own genealogy. 

Consider most of my ancestry is in Langlade County, Wisconsin. Now imagine if you will searching for information in Langlade County in the year 1876. Langlade wasn’t a county until it was “renamed” from New County in 1880. New County did not exist until 1879. Looking for information in 1876 requires genealogists to look for information in Oconto County, Wisconsin. Yet genealogy programs today can’t give you that kind of hit. The program I am just starting does. I’ve complied information on states and county formations, placed them into a database. From here I can make your entry of event dates “intelligent”, by suggesting to you the event date you entered, didn’t happen in the county you entered because it wasn’t formed yet. And yes, “New” was a county in Wisconsin in 1879, I’ve even found the legislation from the state of Wisconsin forming “New County” through legislative action and records, which became laws.

I plan to document my journey of development with Sencha Ext JS to accomplish this genealogy program. Stepping through each view, model, store and functionality. Showing work arounds, best practices (my belief anyway), the entire thing. Providing simple answers to complex questions. One such will be documented in the first post. 

I was working on a tree store (learning as I go on this), and every leaf, and non-leaf had a checkbox. I search high and low to find out how to “hide” the checkbox. Simple enough if you provide in your JSON a “checked” property, those items will have a checkbox next to them whether the value is true of false. Checked indicates checkbox, true/false indicates state, checked/unchecked. To remove the checkbox simply don’t give a “checked” property in the JSON data for your tree store. 

I will also be providing a link to the development of the project so you can go to the site and see the results in action. Fiddle will be used in some instances to give specific examples of methods used and allow you a playground to modify and learn additional things you may want to accomplish I’ve chosen for some reason not to include.

So I hope you follow this as it will become a long process with posts coming frequently. 

The project will also be incorporating Fusion Charts. There are several cases for dashboards, graphs and charts in genealogy and this project will be my learning curve for implementing and showing others how and why to implement Fusion Charts in your projects. 

Buckle up, it is time to write and this time I’ve got several passions to move me forward. Now barring “Life got in the way” incidents. 


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