Ext JS 7.6 Has Released


On 31 August 2022 Sencha released Ext JS 7.6 for general availability. 

First, the good stuff. This release brought more parity features between classic and modern and added a new filter type list for the modern grid. This allows developers to create a filter selection based on a combo box allowing users to select various sorting methods. What appears in the list is dependent on how the developer wants users to filter data. I agree this is a much needed filter in methods we use to present data filtering to users. 

Another welcomed addition is stateful column width and position.  Users can now arrange grid columns as they want, even dragging width to change the designed width, although now refreshing will remember changes users made. 

One useful in some applications, however less important than other areas, in my opinion; was introducing the ability to have a vertical slider in the modern framework. Welcome for me is more parity between classic and modern as classic always had this feature. However developer opinion will vary on the need to focus on this compared to other improvements we have been looking for. 

Here are a handful of customer reported tickets addressed in 7.6. 

  • Improved selection model for modern virtual stores. 
  • Improved scroll performance fro Ext.dataview.List on Windows touch devices
  • Improved JAWS screen reader support for classic TreePanel and Grid components
  • Ease of use improvements for drag and drop of tree node to HTML editor
  • Better alignment of filter bar with browser zoom on 4k screens
  • Upgraded closure complier
  • Fix for Sencha CMD on Mac OSX Montery issue.

Finally in this update they provided support for Ext JS 7.6 in Upgrade Advisor, Sencha Architect and Sencha Themer. 

Unfortunately the only fix for those using M1 Mac’s is with CMD. Issues still remain with Architect and Themer. I’ve not tested Ext JS 7.6 CMD version to confirm whether the issue I revealed was resolved or not. The issue reported was CMD was ignoring path set when using sencha generate app. The bug was no matter what path you set, the new project would be created in the path you ran the command from. If this path was an existing Ext JS project it would tell you the app couldn’t be created because there was an existing app. I validated it by running the command from an empty directory while specifying in the command a specific path I wanted it created in. The command ran perfectly other than the app was created in the directory I was in and not in the path I specified. 

Another issue with installing CMD on M1 Mac’s was it would set the wrong bash profile when adding it. They were using the old bash profile when with the release of Monterey, Apple disabled backward compatibility with bash opting to finally turn off the switch using dedicated zsh. Something everyone on Mac knew was coming for about 5 years before it was turned off. 

On the Discord channel another user upgraded everything to Ext JS 7.6; an Architect based project that was upgraded using CMD from 7.5 to 7.6. However after upgrading he found the newly released Architect gave the error it could only open Ext JS 7.6 projects. The work around this user implemented was to create a new, empty project then copy the App.json file over to his existing project that was upgraded; tweak it to his current project. Only then would Architect open his upgraded 7.6 project. 

These kinds of problems are frustrating Sencha’s user base. We, including Sencha should agree having the major issues with M1 Macs; two years after the M1 was first introduced is not an acceptable response. 

With these frustrations, if you came here looking for alternatives; you came to the wrong place. 

I am a Sencha MVP and I will continue believing they will get their act together to finally solve all the current issues. After all what choices are out there for replacement of Ext JS; currently nothing having been around long enough for any sureness in longevity of those alternatives. Yes, even Neo.mjs looks promising. They have a great developer base and a growing user base. It has the familiarity of Ext JS, and many features such as mutli-threading that Ext JS doesn’t. However it is new.

Using the latest is now always our best option for production development. Everyone remembers Angular JS; you know the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then Google changed it to Angular. I stopped using it then because in my workflow at the present and my client base, node.js is not the answer for our problems. Typescript wasn’t something I was ready to dive into yet. React has its problems also. But the fact does remain in our development world it is a solution some prefer while others realize neither of these are Ext JS. 

So yes, I’m frustrated with Sencha; however, now and for the foreseeable future I will represent and use Sencha products. It is clearly in my opinion the best solution for application development. Face it, we do truly today develop applications more than we develop “websites”. Things are much more demanding today than the good old days of DHTML, JQuery, Bootstrap, etc. 


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