Supreme Court Presidential Immunity Ruling

Today we saw the Supreme Court give a ruling on presidential immunity. Well if you can call it ruling. It was more like repeating what everyone already knew, the president does have some immunity against criminal charges when acting within their official capacity. This isn’t a ruling at all and the case was pushed back down to a lower court to make a decision. You would of thought they already had decided when the case was first brought to the court.

Suddenly Trump is saying he will be released from all charges brought against him. Other news outlets lead to the same conclusion. Democrats are melting down in a major way. Common sense is completely gone on every level.

This ruling will NOT remove all charges from Trump. New York for instances was during the campaign. Even if it was done when he was president, falsifying business records for Trump’s businesses is NOT in the course of official duty.

The whole “I have to protect elections” is not in the line of presidential duty. No where in the constitution does it say the president is responsible for elections; in fact it states clearly states are responsible for their elections. Nor is it in his presidential duty to put in place a slate of alternative electoral college electors.

Only the vice president has anything to do with the voting process and that is defined as counting the electoral votes. Certification of the votes is done by the states prior to being handed off to the house for official counting.

The ruling really changes nothing in any of the court cases. Keeping classified documents at a personal residence is not allowed by law and governed by law how these documents must be handled, whereby the original person who classified the documents, if still living has the final voice in declassification.

Before spouting off on things like this know the law of the land. Know the process and then decide what is right or wrong. Then leave it to the courts to solve those guilty of crimes.

Should this be taken to mean presidents have immunity, you have given Trump a green light to ignore the election of 2028 if he is elected in 2024. We have an even larger mess than what was in 2020 and no legal way to resolve it anymore.

Democrats are wrong for attacking the court for this ruling. They ruled as they should have based on the constitution. The ruling was NOT a blank check. It restated what everyone should have known in the first place. It means nothing to those court cases other than they have to now validate what Trump did was not in the line of his duties as president. Proving and validating this shouldn’t take anymore than the 15 minutes to cite a constitution on who is responsible for elections, a law on classified documents, and the real no brainer; New York, was a campaign violation while he was running for president and not a presidential act.