I know, I know already. Disclaimers are a pain but they exist for a reason. Ergo this has purpose whether you understand, agree or carry another opinion.

This blog is about my personal opinions and experiences. They do not reflect any company, previous or current employer. My opinions of previous employers are mine and open to sharing only to select few both to protect my legal aspects and realizing my opinion is neither right nor wrong; it is an opinion. Others opinions can guide me, help me and even direct me based on my choice of how to proceed from the opinion of another.

Blog posts are intended to share with honesty my opinion and whether I agree or disagree with corporations/employers is of unimportance. Corporations/employers make decisions on their needs and their chosen direction. They are not right or wrong as a whole but they are making decisions like I do; on what is right for me.

I’m not playing the game of right and wrong as outside of laws we’ve only certain limitations to make this determination. What is right for me is wrong for another. Unlike many today I am okay with this. I’ve learned what works for me doesn’t always work for someone else.

But this blog is also about sharing opinions and experiences so others have more view points to base their choices on. A post is not about right or wrong, it is about my experience and what works best for me. It is my hope they help you through your journey. It is my hope you share with me your experiences as I strongly believe our road to our shared future and best results is through learning from each other and coming to sound decisions moving forward to the goals we all have whether a corporation, employer, or an individual.

Sencha is a product I believe in. Yes, we, corporate Sencha, differ in some aspects but this doesn’t change my belief or that this is my technology moving forward for both my corporate and personal development technologies. Nor does it change I believe they are moving forward in the right direction based on modern technologies and where we as developers need to go to provide our clients/customers with solutions that far exceed their expectations.

Concluding, blog posts on this site are my opinion and understanding; they do NOT reflect any company, previous or current employer.

I’m sharing for the benefit of other programmers and even for Sencha products as I do believe it is a much under rated product being hindered greatly by a license model Sencha believes is needed to keep them moving forward; resisted by developers who had to adjust to this license model from a much more relaxed model existing in Sencha ExtJS licenses prior to version 5.

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