Enough Already Trump

No, this is not a political post trying to tell someone either to or not to vote for Trump. It is however something more need to be thinking about, not only with Ex-President Donald Trump, but with all political candidates.

Today Marjorie Taylor Green said she is not moving forward on a vote to vacate Speaker of the House Mike Johnson due to not having enough votes.

We need to remember it was on 12 April 2024 the house passed legislation to renew Section 702 of FISA. An amendment was brought to the floor to require a warrant when information involved U.S. Citizens. In the bill is an update that requires congress people be notified when information is accessed about them, that the powers in committees are notified and the person themselves are notified. Yet, on a single vote Mike Johnson stopped the warrant requirement for U.S. citizens.

A quick search on Mike Johnson will reveal he has support spying on citizens without warrants since 11 September 2001. He has lobbied for it to continue at every level he has worked. He preaches how it is required to keep American’s safe.

On 24 April 2024 we see the house approve $61 billion in aid to Ukraine.

Yes, then the Senate followed and approved both these bills. In the Senate we had Rand Paul at least speak why warrants are required for citizen information and spying.

Last I heard, Trump wants all aid to Ukraine to be “loans” and not simply giving them money. Of course Ukraine could never pay back these loans in the first place, but loans sound good on the campaign trail and works well at pulling the lid over many eyes.

Trump supports Mike Johnson. It is not because of the job Johnson is doing, it is because Johnson is a Trump yes man and will do whatever Trump asks of him. Neither of them care for the people of this country.

Truth be told we have the uni-party already and it is not democrats like they are selling it to you. It is the combination of both democrats and republicans that have become the uni-party. The majority seem to be just fine with this.

The majority cannot answer why they so willingly give up their fourth amendment right against illegal search and seizure every time they board a plane. Every time you go through a TSA search, that is exactly what you are doing. Neither of these parties have done anything to change that for 23 years now and the majority still thinks we have two parties.

What about Trump and his bold claim “I brought you Operation Warp Speed”. Hundreds of thousands have been injured by these so called vaccines while today Trump still says “get the shot if you want it”. Yet when he had COVID he took Ivermectin and Hydrochloriquin. It wasn’t until after he took these drugs that have long proven safe to take he started pushing “get the shot if you want it”. Trump sold out there and when he kept Fauci on during the pandemic.

If you’re looking for me to tell you who is the answer, I don’t have one to give you yet. I have who I am leaning towards, not to insure someone else doesn’t get in office but to vote for the one I feel will do the best job for the citizens of America. And I mean all citizens, not just those I agree with.

With a $34.75 TRILLION dollar debt, democrats and republicans as a majority have more than proven they don’t deserve the right to decide how to spend our money. With administrations that pass updated Title IX to include boys who identify as girls in using girls bathrooms, locker rooms and compete in girls sports has proven they don’t belong leading our country.

Don’t give me the garbage it is the president, any president. CONGRESS makes laws, not the president. Executive orders are NOT law. Title IX was written, passed and signed by the president with the stipulation giving the Department of Education the authority to WRITE THE RULES. This NEVER should have happened in the first place. Congress and ONLY congress can solve this by revising the law; yet we find the UNI-PARTY unable to make the changes it appears the majority of CITIZENS want. And, yet today they fight over Biden or Trump as saviors to our problems. God help us.