Wow, Republicans and/or Democrats to the Rescue?

Both republicans and democrats are fighting to “come to save the day!” What garbage we have for representation.

First is the Republican bill, H.R. 7109. As of this post there are 114 republicans who support this. We see here:

“(g)(1) In conducting the 2030 decennial census and each decennial census thereafter, the Secretary shall include in any questionnaire distributed or otherwise used for the purpose of determining the total population by States a checkbox or other similar option for the respondent to indicate, for the respondent and for each of the members of the household of the respondent, whether that individual is a citizen of the United States.

Great, they are following through with what Trump attempted to accomplish for the 2020 census; a citizenship question. I feel like a commercial “but wait, there’s more”

(a) Exclusion.—Section 22(a) of the Act entitled “An Act to provide for the fifteenth and subsequent decennial censuses and to provide for apportionment of Representatives in Congress”, approved June 18, 1929 (2 U.S.C. 2a(a)), is amended by inserting after “not taxed” the following: “and individuals who are not citizens of the United States”.

You guessed it, just was democrats want, non-citizens to be counted for representation.

I’m sorry, but we really need legislation to ensure that we have representation in the United States Federal government for only those who are PROVEN to be United States Citizens. Not non-citizens whether they are here legally or illegally; absolutely no other metric than citizenship status whether natural or naturalized doesn’t matter. But neither of these parties are going to give you anything like that as it doesn’t fit their need.

Rest assured republicans will market this only on the citizenship question while shying away from the non-citizen representation aspect.

And yes, it needs to be valid citizens. Want to know how lousy the information on a census truly is, do some genealogy and you will quickly understand how poor quality that information is and I’m not talking simple incorrectly spelled words here. Remember the census is a questionnaire, one person goes and asks questions of one person in the household. How difficult do you think it is for someone to simply say “yes” to a citizenship question?

Sometimes in our government it feels more like the state of Wisconsin, where the statement “hold my beer” is quite common. Democrats must have been thinking this when they introduced the “Medical Debt Cancellation Act”. I mean really what is it that Democrats seem to think taxpayers are endless money pits that can pay for what others cannot afford?

This piece of legislation offers grants to hospitals and other larger health care providers grants based on those organizations cancellation of patient medical debt. In other words, we are paying for the debt these organizations are going to cancel.

We have a congress saying Social Security will be broke in 2035, constantly working to cut those benefits; to remove them. Not so they stop collecting that tax rate but so they can just stop having to pay those collected taxes back. Taxes are NOT going to go down when Social Security stops flowing. Yet, they find millions of other ways to continue to spend our taxes, tax money they don’t even currently have to spend. Or, as in the case of the republican bill, it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

We have a uni-party, just that both represent different methods to obtain the same goal; gaining complete control. Do not let either side tell you otherwise. Both have had complete control of all three parts of the government and still they manage to accomplish nothing about anything the citizens feel most important to address.

Stop blaming the president. Understand the president was meant to handle foreign affairs and be the last defense on intrusion of the constitution. That is all they were meant to do. Congress was to make law and the house controls the purse. Where have you seen this implemented in a fiscally responsible manner?

While we had times a single party controlled the house, senate and presidency; have they decided not to address their constitutional duty to immigration laws? Doing just that would STOP all executive orders in immigration in their tracks. Even the supreme courts knows once congress passes a law, they too are bound by the law. This was the exact argument they used in continuing DACA. The court even said congress can settle this.

But still citizens fight for what they think is one side or the other; they now talk about democrats want to be a uni-party when in reality the uni-party is already here.