So Touchy

I mean really, what was Apple thinking when they created this commercial? Seems every creative person out there had their feelings butt hurt as they responded it was an insult to creativity. NO, it wasn’t and those who “assume” it was need to know some of us consider “assume” to be an acronym and not a word. Why? You might ask, and it is because it “makes an ass out of u and me”. Your assumption does not equal my intention.

Clearly I felt this commercial meets with ingenuity. They were showing how all these things can work with the new iPad, it was NOT an insult to creativity but and extension of creativity.

For those who responded negatively, feeling insulted and even having butt hurt feelings I have only two questions for you to answer.

  1. Are you that insecure in your creativity you truly feel an iPad and AI can replace you?
  2. Are you really so sure followers of your creativity are so stupid they cannot tell the difference between you personally and an AI generated version of you? (I actually would consider this a insult to my intelligence).

So what really are you so scared of? I mean really with all the stupid, dumb, idiotic commercials available on the market today, you stopped to take exception to this one. It isn’t like Apple didn’t have other controversial commercials in the past. 1984 is one that comes to mind as it is one set to the tune of the novel 1984. Today that one commercial is considered one of the highest impact commercials of all time. No one complained then. After all it was depicting you a brain dead moron who could only be broke free by the Apple Macintosh.

How about General Motors, Robot suicide in 2007. How about PETA in 2016 and sex differences between those who eat meat and those who are vegans. Love’s Baby Soft, Holiday Inns “Bob Johnson”. I know you’re smart enough research all the controversial commercials out there. Not on the list of the 15 worst I found was Apple’s 1984.

Hey, I am just one person and my opinion is that, my opinion. Everyone is able to agree or disagree as that is personal opinion as all advertising is taken.

Then again, the Shot on iPhone campaign we had church mice in “creative” response because that campaign said “everyone can be a photographer” and clearly we have learned with all the selfies out there today, this is not the case.