Stagnated By A Career

Growing old always has caveats we often are not aware of, well until we grow old. Reflection is one each of us never know how it may impact us at a time in our lives we realize, just maybe what we intended to make life better accomplished the opposite of intention. I lived it and […]

Dysfunctional Congress

Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are at it again, this time over “fake eyelashes” and later “intelligence”. The reality is we all need to question what is going on in congress. Clearly these types of high school girl drama should NOT be happening in committee meetings or anywhere in Washington D.C. by elected officials. We […]

Amazon – First Shot

Maybe it’s me; then again maybe it is everyone. Amazon is no different than any other company today. They can be this way because we as a collective society have allowed them to act in the manners they do. We have refused to hold them accountable in the interest of a perceived benefit and lower […]

So Touchy

I mean really, what was Apple thinking when they created this commercial? Seems every creative person out there had their feelings butt hurt as they responded it was an insult to creativity. NO, it wasn’t and those who “assume” it was need to know some of us consider “assume” to be an acronym and not […]

Wow, Republicans and/or Democrats to the Rescue?

Both republicans and democrats are fighting to “come to save the day!” What garbage we have for representation. First is the Republican bill, H.R. 7109. As of this post there are 114 republicans who support this. We see here: “(g)(1) In conducting the 2030 decennial census and each decennial census thereafter, the Secretary shall include […]

Enough Already Trump

No, this is not a political post trying to tell someone either to or not to vote for Trump. It is however something more need to be thinking about, not only with Ex-President Donald Trump, but with all political candidates. Today Marjorie Taylor Green said she is not moving forward on a vote to vacate […]

Sheeple: How I despise the word

Sheeplenoun plural1. People who are meekly submissive or easily swayed noun1. People who unquestioningly accept as true whatever their political leaders say or who adopt popular opinion as their own without scrutiny. The above definition is from the American Heritage Dictionary, 5th Edition. It doesn’t matter what dictionary you use, although they may define it […]

Complete Change

Time to change my outlook, on life and everything else if you are wondering. Times change and unfortunately times are changing at record paces. Not only the pace, the quantity of things that are changing. This is my blog, period. Whether the world or individuals want to understand or not nothing will change what is. […]