Complete Change

Time to change my outlook, on life and everything else if you are wondering. Times change and unfortunately times are changing at record paces. Not only the pace, the quantity of things that are changing.

This is my blog, period.

Whether the world or individuals want to understand or not nothing will change what is. I can agree with parts of some things and not others. Ergo, I can support a product and still disagree with things they are doing. More importantly, opinion shouldn’t matter as much in business as relationships. We’ve lost that in all aspects of life. Enough is enough.

I’m old. No, not old in feeling ancient. Old in I have been around for coming on 64 years. I’ve seen and embraced changes. I’ve had opinions about those changes and I’ve accepted what came. That is life. But today society thinking my thoughts on politics should guide who I do business with; I cannot and actually it isn’t I cannot; it is I refuse to accept that line of irrational thought. Irrational because does it matter to me who you politically support, or what rave you want to support and simply walk away because of these. I could be walking away from the best service and product in doing so. Not to mention I could be walking away from the right price.

I have products and I work for a company. My opinions don’t change the quality of these products, it doesn’t change the price or the service you get. It only changes your opinion. In the end your opinion could be costing you a price you don’t even realize you paid.

I live rational thought. Cold does NOT exist as it is the absence of heat. Thermometers measure heat, not cold and is why absolute zero is considered the point everything stops. Even temperature is a construct defined by people. Yes, that is people define water boils at 212 degrees. But what is degrees without the human definition? Celsius defines freezing at 0 degrees. It is all based on reference defined by a person.

Opinion is not an agreed upon definition such as temperature. It is open to the personal. What does the personal have to do with the whole? Nothing especially since today opinion is used to divide people.

We used to separate the two. When I commented on company letterhead, or using a company signature I was speaking for the company. When I said my opinion outside of the formal business setting it was always my opinion and never a reflection on the company I worked for. Today, no longer is it your opinion, but it is a reflection on the company you work for. This never should have happened for any reason.

For centuries we as people always have two different ways to present ourselves. This is NOT a mask as defined today. It is reality, it is human nature based on judgement by others. Judgement so bad today we truly have multiple presentations for different settings we find ourselves. Why? You aren’t those multiple presentations, you are who you are and even feel fake when presenting otherwise. Doing so for too long will cause you stress and anxiety. It will even lead to you questioning yourself why bother, why do I have to hide who I am to make every judge out there happy while making myself miserable?

So, in the end it is where I am at. Why have I spent so many years waiting and doing what “others expect” while putting what I expect on hold. I don’t see them placing their expectations on hold while filling my expectations of them. Yet society continues to do so. Today everything has become the chicken or the egg question and play mixed with the majority believing it is them that counts.

Well, guess what. I am who I am; you cannot change that; only I can. Frankly I don’t want to change. I’ve changed and it hasn’t changed a thing. Seems to me this is the same result I get when I am who I am. Better to go nowhere being who I am than selling myself out to still go nowhere.