Sheeple: How I despise the word

noun plural
1. People who are meekly submissive or easily swayed

1. People who unquestioningly accept as true whatever their political leaders say or who adopt popular opinion as their own without scrutiny.

The above definition is from the American Heritage Dictionary, 5th Edition. It doesn’t matter what dictionary you use, although they may define it slightly different it is the pretty much the same meaning.

Sheeple became widely used during the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic. Yes, I know everyone refers to it as the “COVID” pandemic; however COVID is a disease that results from the virus Sars-CoV-2. More people need to stop using them interchangeably as they clearly are not one of the same. This of course is not my point.

I wonder why it has taken so many so long use this word and how they are so blind to not see the majority has been sheeple for centuries. You are, in your every day life, your political views and even the party you choose to affiliate with. Yes, you are a Sheeple. Blindness of the condition doesn’t negate in fact you are dripping with the condition.

Lets look at this years election cycle. I know you are either all in for Trump or Biden depending on your “chosen” political affiliation. However, the Democratic National Committee refused to place any other candidate in their forum other than Joe Biden. So tell me how you are free to vote for the Democrat of “your choice”. Seriously I do not believe every Democrat out there has decided Biden is their only answer as candidate.

The same holds true on the Republican side of the coin. The Republican National Committee if funding massive amounts of money to Trump; they worked with Trump to sabotage the campaigns of everyone who wasn’t Trump. So you too tell me how you can vote for “your choice” of Republican. As with the Democrats I don’t believe every Republican out there wants to see another Trump term.

Both followers of these parties are nothing more than Sheeple. They take and believe what the party tells them. Frankly it is pretty much the story with every political party out there. And these people think those who followed the draconian rules under the pandemic are Sheeple?

This doesn’t stop with politics, it is with everything in life. Can I say The Patriot Act, Section 702 of FISA, funding foreign wars, education, shopping, style, clothes, the alphabet group, race, immigration; the list is endless. No one wants to talk about these and how many centuries people have been sheeple.

Congress just extended Section 702 of the FISA act. Speaker Mike Johnson was the single vote removing the amendment requiring a search warrant when collecting citizen data. It was defeated on his singular vote. Congress just approved billions more for Israel and Ukraine wars. Trump said he would put “America First”, he would stop government spying, etc. After the passage of these two bills into law, Trump invites Speaker Mike Johnson to Mar-a-Lago spewing how he “supports Mike Johnson”. Trump followers simply fall in line and support Johnson because Trump said so; even though Johnson approved two things Trump said he would stop.

No, this is not a political post. I am in no way trying to say who I will vote for or who you should vote for. That is YOUR choice and only YOUR choice. This doesn’t stop me from calling you a sheeple because of blindly following someone, calling for funding of wars to stop, all while supporting a candidate that says he will do what you say and then praises someone for doing exactly the opposite.

Dresses, another sheeple act. Society says men cannot wear dresses, yet society accepts men wearing kilts. Women wearing dresses is a social construct. There is nothing that says men cannot wear dresses. No, this doesn’t mean a man who wears a dress gets to call themselves a woman. Clothes do not make gender, science makes gender. Yet, society blindly follows the construct men cannot wear dresses. No, I will not get into the religious aspect of this issue as those who do clearly haven’t even thought of questioning the translation of the text the believe in. Hint: Original text did not say man shall not wear women’s clothes. Yes, I’ve researched with several who are capable of reading the original scrolls. Several because I never conclude based on what ONE says.

Walmart. Years ago everyone jumped on the bandwagon to not buy from Walmart, rather to pay more and go to Target or some other big box. Sheeple. They didn’t realize at the time, Walmart paid employees on average more than those other box stores. Those other box stores sold the exact same brands Walmart was selling. Brands made in the same factories that Walmart bought from; yet you fed lower wages and the exact same factories you were boycotting through not shopping at Walmart. Do you even have a clue how many high line brands are simply sold at cheaper prices simply by changing the label?

Taxes, again Sheeple. Taxes were supposed to be based on the money. Taxed once. Not taxed once by federal, state, sales, home owner taxes, school taxes, etc. This is not only double taxation it is multiple taxation on the same dollar. Taxed when you earn it, taxed when you spend it, taxed when you inherit it. And we are right back to my original sheeple discussion; people keep voting for the same parties that brought us this thinking they are going to get solutions.

Yes, I despise the word Sheeple. We all are sheeple in one way or another. Critical thinking and discourse in discussion has left long before anyone living was even born.

You say you support our constitution, yet most know nothing about our constitution, sheeple. You hate spying, internet tracking, etc. yet you use Facebook, Google, and vote for candidates allowing the government to collect data and spy on your without a warrant. What happened to your fourth amendment rights. I know, you give up your fourth amendment right every time you fly; yet you complain about it an still use it.

Until more wake up and realize sheeple should have been used many, many moons ago; nothing is going to change. It will however continue to get worse for your children and grandchildren. Reality is I despise the word because it is the truth of how the majority live their lives.