Dysfunctional Congress

Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are at it again, this time over “fake eyelashes” and later “intelligence”. The reality is we all need to question what is going on in congress. Clearly these types of high school girl drama should NOT be happening in committee meetings or anywhere in Washington D.C. by elected officials. We as the people of this nation should move to REJECT anyone who acts in this manner.

How can we feel congress can get anything done, represent our interests when all they seem to do is take jabs at one another over their appearance and intellectual ability? This can in no way be considered productive to the needs of us.

Congress has almost become the people electing clowns to put on a circus act.

This was a hearing on whether to hold Garland in contempt of congress and they are fighting over eyelashes. A hearing that should have been mute and cancelled in reality since Joe Biden exerted presidential privilege on the records Garland has refused to give to this committee. Once Biden made that designation Garland CANNOT give them to congress.

Go ahead and debate what is on those tapes they don’t want you to see and all I will say is you are part of the problem. First off, we know in the classified documents case, Biden was given a pass. We also know the special investigator says he has problems with his memory to a point he felt they couldn’t get a conviction.

That alone should have you screaming constantly at your representatives to find the way to require a cognitive test on Joe Biden. You should be screaming about the special investigator saying he wasn’t going to press charges because they couldn’t get a conviction. His job would REQUIRE he files charges and Biden then proves he is not mentally capable of standing trial. Doing so would remove him from office immediately.

There are so many other things congress is NOT doing and they SHOULD be handling.

I don’t blame congress on this. I blame the PEOPLE. Understand I know our constitution, I served to defend that piece of paper. WE the PEOPLE are our government and we are accountable for those morons who are elected to represent us. I’m tired of people blaming congress when it is the PEOPLE who elected them in the first place.

I also understand I don’t live in the districts or states that AOC and MTG were elected in. I know they are not MY responsibility. They are however the responsibility of those who elect them. They choose to keep putting them in office and they continue to get the blame for their actions. However, I find it very difficult to believe those people elected either of them for this type of behavior; I also believe they lack the strength to change their mistake.

Yes, it is a mistake. We have issues such as

  • A president with clear cognitive issues needing to be evaluated for fitness to serve
  • Out of control illegal immigration
  • Growing threat of war
  • Out of control spending
  • Out of control inflation
  • A divided country whereby government is spreading the division

The list is actually quite endless and congress is doing NOTHING but blaming the other side while people elect representatives that fight over fake eyelashes.