Amazon – First Shot

Maybe it’s me; then again maybe it is everyone.

Amazon is no different than any other company today. They can be this way because we as a collective society have allowed them to act in the manners they do. We have refused to hold them accountable in the interest of a perceived benefit and lower prices. Rather than thinking we ourselves are the ones needing to change, we instead feel we can pressure them into giving us what we want.

Sellers have started coming out talking how they have to meet certain price restrictions when selling on Amazon or their “buy box” is removed from their ad. They are now starting to form together in order to pressure Amazon to change.

You hear all the time of people complaining how Amazon customer service has ceased to exist. How much of your Prime membership turns into more of a joke than a benefit. These people sometimes threaten to cancel their Prime membership and yet few actually do.

In both these cases we see people complain, try to pressure, etc. To make the company change. To no avail and yet they continue to purchase from them due to perceived benefits.

On 10 May 2024 I ordered a generic Magic Keyboard for my iPad. When placing the order it stated my delivery would be 14 May 2024. Today it shows as NOT shipped and still an expected delivery today by 10 PM. I attempted to cancel the order and was promptly informed they are “close to packing and shipping” my order, therefore I couldn’t cancel it. Now I can’t order a different brand and I can’t cancel the one I know will take probably another 3-4 days to arrive, missing my Prime paid for benefit of two day shipping. Something they charge me to get and now something they consistently no longer deliver.

Amazon doesn’t give you an easy way to actually talk to a person. Investigate your order, ask questions only to get auto responses leading you back to the very same pages you already looked at 10 times. In other words, no luck, no answers and they don’t care.

I’ve cancelled my Prime membership.

No to Amazon the $139 per year I pay doesn’t mean squat. I don’t mean squat and my opinion doesn’t mean squat. So why bother?

  1. I save $139/year for services not received.
  2. My opinion does mean something if only to a small number of people.
  3. I’m sick of wasting my money.
  4. Maybe, just maybe more people who feel the first three will also decide to drop their Prime and soon 100 dropped; that grows to 1000 and then 10,000.

Only by starting small can one build a mass reaction. Only by masses objecting will major corporations listen. Or even maybe we will go back to more of a community based economy where small Mom and Pop shops care about their customers will get the business they deserve.

So a decision also has come from this. I will write what I feel we the majority need to work together to fix. I will not write in absolutes, but in opinion looking for more opinion. To start dialog and discourse in conversation. To stop avoiding talking and feeling everyone has to agree with me before they can be my friend. My friends do not have to agree with me as we know how to agree to disagree while still focusing our friendships on the many things we share in common…

Funny how so many things in life take working together before it becomes good and before we can ever find a solution that works.